Xenial Destiny series
Air date June 28, 2014 XY080 Season Invasion
  • Lysandre looks at Xerneas and tells it he expected more from a Pokémon called a legend, then mocks it for wanting help from people.
  • He explains that victory is using the ultimate weapon, and that even though Xerneas took much of it's power back when it awoken, there is still enough to use the ultimate weapon.
  • Calem and Lexi shout no, but Lysandre tells them that he shall grant them eternal life, giving them the pain of endlessly waiting for a beautiful world to finally be built.
  • Lysandre launches the weapon, and it powers up.
  • As the weapon begins to launch, the ground shakes violently, resulting in Calem telling Lexi they have to get out.
  • Lexi runs back and grabs Calem, before they run out.
  • Lexi and Calem run into Shauna, Marlon and Brigette and grab them, running out of the corridor.
  • They run as the building around them begins to collapse, running through falling debris, as they arrive outside.
  • Everyone stands outside the Team Flare Headquarters as they watch the machine detonating.
  • The machine detonates, launching a huge surge of power into space.
  • But as it reaches a certain point, it suddenly stops and returns within itself, rushing back down to Earth and hitting the Ultimate Weapon.
  • At the impact, everyone and everything is blown away as the energy shoots back into the Ultimate Weapon.
  • Everyone is swept off their feet and blown back into the ground, before everything goes black.
  • Lexi opens her eyes, and stands up.
  • As she does so, she notices that the ground is still as it was, and the Ultimate Weapon remains in a calm unactivated state.
  • She asks if everyones ok, and Shauna asks if it worked. Brigette replies telling them that it can't have, as the Earth would of been destroyed.
  • Marlon exclaims that the machine can't of worked, and that it's over.
  • Suddenly, a man marches towards Lexi shouting.
  • As she watches, she see's Lysandre running towards her, enraged by the failure of the ultimate weapon.
  • He tells her that she has stopped him from creating the beautiful world, and that she will pay with her life for doing what she did.
  • Lysandre sends out his Gyarados which roars into the air.
  • It then sends an attack towards Lexi's friends, who are blown back by the impact of the attack.
  • Lysandre tells her that he will watch his Pokémon destroy her body in battle, before he emerges a large electronic suit from it's back making several large arms..
  • Lexi tells him no, before sending out her Lucario.
  • The two fight in a glorious battle, before Lysandre asks Lexi if she's ready for his next trick, in which he shows her his finger.
  • On his finger, Lexi notices a Keystone; and watches in horror as Lysandre Mega Evolves his Gyarados.
  • Lexi looks on as the Gyarados transforms into Mega Gyarados, once again roaring but with much more power this time.
  • Lysandre explains that he took the Key Stone from Gurkinn and learnt the ways of Mega Evolution - and that the bond between him and Gyarados means it can grow into something beautiful.
  • Lexi tells him that he's a hypocrite, as he's only doing what everyone else does with Pokémon.
  • Lysandre is disgusted by the comment and tells Gyarados to attack.
  • However, Lexi takes her Key Stone from her bag and places it on her arm. She then looks to Lucario, and the two nod at each other.
  • Lexi presses the Key Stone and Lucario begins to glow, before transforming into Mega Lucario.
  • It has a moment of uncontrollable power, before Lexi tells it that he can do it, in which Lucario finally comes in control of his powers.
  • Lysandre grimaces, before the two begin to battle again.
  • After several deadly attacks, Lysandre tells his Gyarados to give in, running past it and launching at Lexi.
  • Lexi begins to fight him, but Lysandre is too brutal and strong.
  • Lysandre goes towards Lexi with a pocket knife, but Luna uses her powers to send the knife hurtling into the air.
  • Lexi looks on before Meowstic reveals to them that she only worked with Lysandre because he was threatening them, and that she would do anything to take him down.
  • Lysandre however, commands Gyarados to attack her, making her faint. Artemis runs to her and tells him he forgives her, before looking to the battle once more.
  • Lexi is knocked to the ground, before an attack from the still fighting Gyarados hits the Ultimate Weapon, causing it to detonate.
  • The power from the Mega Evolved Gyarados and Lucario generates the Ultimate Weapon, turning the two Pokémon back into their normal states.
  • Lexi notices this as Lysandre stands over her, ready to kill her.
  • Realizing the machine is about to detonate, aimed right for them, she quickly rolls out of the way, as the Ultimate Weapon detonates.
  • The power launches at Lysandre as he screams in pain, with the power making him glow as he falls to the ground.
  • The Ultimate Weapon begins to crack, before it begins to fall through the ground.
  • Awoken, Calem runs to Lexi and grabs her, as the Earth begins to sink beneath them.
  • Lysandre, still in pain, falls forward and grabs Lexi's foot, but the ground continues to sink and he loses his grip, falling into the floor.
  • The Ultimate Weapon then breaks, and the debris falls on Lysandre.
  • The machine stomps to the ground, and Lexi and Calem look down to the destroyed machine in the Secret Headquarters.
  • They look at each other, before lying on the ground, huffing and puffing.
  • All the others come running in, noticing Lexi and Calem, and sigh with relief.
  • Lexi then closes her eyes.

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