Xenial Destiny series
The Calm After the Storm!
Air date July 09, 2014 XY081 Season Conquest
  • The rain falls as a large group of people dressed in black stand still looking over a coffin.
  • The coffin is revealed to be Tierno's, and Lexi, Calem and Shauna stand alongside each other as they watch the coffin being buried.
  • The trio stand inside in silence, before they look up and see Trevor.
  • They all look towards him, but he stands their with his head to the ground, before being lead off in handcuffs.
  • Lexi asks them if anyone knows anything, and Calem reveals that Trevor's medication is just about back to normal but he's got to stay in the mental institute for a few months.
  • Shauna asks what about the others, and Lexi reveals Brigette headed back to Hoenn and all the Gym Leaders have gone to their Gyms.
  • Calem goes to talk to Lexi, before they're interrupted by a man who asks to see them.
  • Shauna, Lexi and Calem all sit on a couch, before a man walks in and sits down, before telling them that they've been given gifts.
  • The trio look to each other, before looking back to the man.
  • The man hands Calem a Life Orb, explaining that it powers the moves his Pokémon use.
  • The man then hands Shauna a set of wings he acquired during his journey.
  • Lexi is then handed a Pokéball. She asks what it is, and he reveals inside is a Pokémon, before handing her a note.
  • Lexi reads the note, which comes from Tierno which Lexi discovers the Pokémon was in fact a gift he wanted to give her before she defeated the League.
  • The note makes her choke up, before she thanks them all.
  • The funeral ends and people begin to leave, before Lexi turns to Calem and remembers she has his Amaura. She lets it out, and it cowers back a little from Calem.
  • Calem kneels beside it and asks if it would like to remain with Lexi from now on. It looks happily towards Lexi, before Calem tells her that he'd be much happier for her to stay with Lexi as he's got a lot of thinking to do, so he's going to head home for a while.
  • Shauna reveals she's gonna go and see the rest of Kalos she's yet to explore.
  • Lexi then admits she's going to head for the final Gym before taking on the Elite Four.
  • They all say their goodbyes, before heading their separate ways.
  • She returns to the graveside and thanks Tierno, before walking away.
  • She lets out her Pokémon, and asks them if they're all ok.
  • They all seem to nod to her, before Lexi looks towards her new PokéBall.
  • She lets the Pokémon out, revealed to be an Alakazam.
  • Lexi looks on in amazement, before whispering thankyou Tierno.

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