Xenial Destiny series
Returning Home!
Air date July 12, 2014 XY082 Season Conquest
  • Lexi sits within a PokéCenter, waiting for something.
  • Soon enough, a nurse returns with a Pokéball.
  • Lexi hides in an alley, before letting out the Pokémon, revealed to be Xerneas.
  • She tells it that she wanted to keep it quiet so there wasn't any unwanted attention.
  • Xerneas then casts an attack which brings up a map in the air, which then becomes a real map landing in Lexi's hands.
  • Lexi looks to Xerneas and then looks at the map.
  • Lexi then returns Xerneas to it's Pokéball, before setting off.
  • Lexi walks through several different places, before arriving at a large forest.
  • She walks through the trees, before looking around to see if anyone is around.
  • She then lets Xerneas back out of it's Pokéball, before they walk together.
  • Xerneas looks towards Lexi, before stopping.
  • It stops in front of Lexi and looks towards her.
  • Lexi already knows what it stopped for, and asks Xerneas what she should do following the events that happened.
  • Xerneas seems to indicate she focuses on being with her Pokémon and training.
  • Xerneas then seems eager to train.
  • Lexi and Xerneas, along with Lexi's other Pokémon train together, in which Xerneas learns Moonblast.
  • The two walk a little further together, before Lexi says that maybe she should let it go the rest of the way alone.
  • Xerneas agrees, looks to Lexi and bows, before turning and running off.
  • Lexi looks on, before turning, smiling, and walks away.

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