Xenial Destiny series
Sycamore's Meeting!
Air date July 16, 2014 XY083 Season Conquest
  • Lexi walks along the road alongside her Pancham, feeding it as they walk along.
  • Suddenly, her phone begins to ring, and Lexi answers it to Sycamore.
  • She enters Couriway Town to find Professor Sycamore.
  • He welcomes her warmly, before asking her how she's been since events occured.
  • She tells him she's better and getting back into battling ready for her final Gym Battle and the League.
  • Sycamore commends her for her hard work since day one, and said that he hopes she keeps herself safe.
  • He then asks her that maybe he can help her with her task to battle against the League, before stepping back.
  • Lexi realizes he means a battle, and agrees.
  • The two face each other in battle, where Lexi uses Alakazam, Tyrunt and Amaura against Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard.
  • Lexi successfully defeats Sycamore's first two Pokémon.
  • During their third battle, Sycamore's Charizard accidentally fires an attack away from the battle.
  • The attack seemingly hits a nearby Trainer.
  • Once the smoke clears, a Metagross is seen shielding its Trainer.
  • The Metagross walks away revealing a man.
  • Sycamore apologizes, then realises the man and greets him warmly.
  • Lexi walks over and is introduced to Steven, a man from Hoenn.
  • Steven asks to watch their battle, and they agree.
  • Lexi and Sycamore finish their battle with Lexi defeating Sycamore.
  • Steven commends her for her battling, before turning to Sycamore and asking him if he's ready.
  • Sycamore tells Lexi that they are going to do some research together, and says goodbye.
  • He then tells her she will win the Pokémon League, and tells her he has a surprise for her soon.
  • Lexi is directed to the way to Snowbelle City and heads on her way.
  • Steven tells Lexi he hopes to see her in the future as the two head off.

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