Xenial Destiny series
The Struggling Strength!
Air date July 23, 2014 XY085 Season Conquest
  • Steven greets Lexi, and thanks her for coming.
  • He reveals it's his Aggron and that he put it there as he needed to be sure that she was tough enough to see him, apologizing.
  • She asks him why all the secrecy, and he reveals that he's knows about her ability to inhibit Mega Evolution, and didn't want anyone knowing about his intentions.
  • He reveals that there are many people out there that watch him, and that he couldn't risk anyone knowing about their meeting.
  • She understands, and asks him what he wanted to meet her for.
  • He reveals that he too is able to inhibit Mega Evolution, and wanted to see her Mega Evolved Pokémon to do some research.
  • He explains that there is still a lot to learn about the connection between Mega Evolution and how the Pokémon and Trainers are connected to it.
  • Lexi agrees, but explains she's been having trouble with Lucario, who is unable to control himself during Mega Evolution.
  • He looks on concerned, but explains that he will also use his Mega Evolved Pokémon that can help them.
  • He explains he doesn't want to battle but rather use the Cave's tough walls to show off their power.
  • The two send out their Pokémon; Lexi sending out Lucario, and Steven sending out Metagross.
  • The two Pokémon stand before them, before Steven turns to Metagross and presses the Key Stone within his Lapel pen.
  • Suddenly, Metagross transforms into Mega Metagross.
  • Both Lexi and Lucario look on in amazement, before Lucario turns to Lexi.
  • She asks if he's ready, and he nods, before Lexi presses the Key Stone in her bracelet.
  • Lexi looks on in worry as Lucario transforms into Mega Lucario.
  • Steven begins to clap, but Lucario soon turns rogue and attacks him.
  • Metagross intervenes and the two Pokémon fight ferociously.
  • Lexi tries to control Lucario but he won't listen.
  • Steven tells Lexi she needs to get in touch with Lucario.
  • She struggles as to what to do, but she instead runs towards Lucario and grabs him.
  • Steven, shocked, tells Metagross to stop fighting.
  • Lucario shakes in anger as he turns to Lexi.
  • Lexi shouts at him to listen and calm down, but this just makes him angrier.
  • He throws her off, sending Lexi catapulting towards the floor.
  • Steven gasps, and Noibat and Pancham go to intervene, but he stops them.
  • Lucario dashes towards Lexi and goes to attack her, but stops dead in it's tracks.
  • It looks at Lexi, before it begins to remember all the times they spent together.
  • Suddenly, Lucario calms down and falls to the ground, bowing to Lexi.
  • She picks herself up and stands up, before putting her hand on Lucario's shoulder.
  • It looks up to her, and she hugs him.
  • He looks on, shocked, before hugging Lexi back.
  • The duo turn to Steven, who begins clapping once more.
  • He reveals that she's the best person for the job.
  • She asks what job, but he tells her that's a conversation for another time.
  • The group then exit the cave, before Steven tells her he'll be seeing her again in the future, before walking off.
  • Lexi hugs Lucario again, before they head off towards a sign that reads Snowbelle City.

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