Xenial Destiny series
Shauna's Rewarding Rematch!
Air date July 26, 2014 XY086 Season Conquest
  • Lexi sighs in relief as she see's signs that indicate Snowbelle City is close.
  • As she continues to walk, she begins to hear someone shouting her from behind.
  • She slowly turns, before she see's Shauna in the distance.
  • Shauna catches up to Lexi and asks her how she's doing.
  • She reveals she wants to show Lexi how much she's grown as a Trainer and asks to battle Lexi.
  • Lexi agrees, and the two begin their battle.
  • Lexi sends out Heliolisk and Shauna sends out Delcatty.
  • Despite putting up a good fight, Delcatty is defeated.
  • Lexi sends out Pyroar and Shauna sends out Goodra.
  • Goodra is defeated by Pyroar and Lexi wins again.
  • Lexi sends out Delphox and Shauna sends out Chesnaught.
  • Despite almost fainting, Delphox defeats Chesnaught.
  • Shauna is upset, but soon becomes happy that she and Lexi battled.
  • Lexi tells her that she thinks she's becoming a much better battler, and that she was confident throughout the battle.
  • Shauna thanks Lexi for her words and asks her what she's doing.
  • Lexi reveals she's heading to Snowbelle City for her final battle still.
  • Shauna asks if she can tag along, and Lexi agrees, and the two head off towards the City.

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