Xenial Destiny series
The Winding Search!
Air date July 30, 2014 XY087 Season Conquest
  • Lexi and Shauna walk into Snowbelle City, where they head towards the Gym.
  • Lexi goes to open the door, before she's told that Wulfric isn't there.
  • She asks them who's Wulfric, and the man tells her that he's the Snowbelle City Gym Leader.
  • The man then explains that he's probably gone off training in the Winding Woods.
  • Lexi decides to head off there, but the man interrupts her saying that the Winding Woods are a very dangerous place and that they shouldn't proceed unless prepared.
  • Shauna looks on, scared, but Lexi decides to head on through.
  • Shauna tells her she's gonna go check out the shops, and that she'll meet her at the Gym when she returns.
  • Lexi agrees, and they head in their opposite directions.
  • Lexi traverses through the Winding Woods, jumping and quivering at the eerie setting and Pokémon that confront her.
  • Soon enough, she finds herself at a dead end. She sends Noibat to destroy the trees in front of her.
  • As he does so, the trees fall, before standing back up and facing them.
  • Lexi realizes they aren't just trees, and begins to cower back.
  • A battle ensues between Lexi and the Pokémon, but more and more continue to filter into the forest.
  • Soon enough, after battling for a while, a man suddenly comes out and sends out his Pokémon to attack.
  • An icy wind filters through the forest and the trees all become frozen.
  • Lexi stands up, and thanks the man, before he reveals himself to be Wulfric.
  • Lexi introduces herself and asks him about a Gym battle, and he agrees.
  • Lexi turns to exit the forest but he stops her, and says that he has something he still needs to do elsewhere.
  • He then asks if she wants to join him, and she agrees, as they head further into the forest.
  • They come to an opening, before they a burst of light hits their eyes as they exit.
  • Lexi see's a large field filled with flowers, trees and Pokémon, all peacefully laying around.
  • Lexi asks Wulfric what this place is, and he reveals it's called the Pokémon Village.
  • He explains that it's a secret garden hidden behind the Winding Woods for Wild Pokémon to relax and live peacefully without any humans, and that he is the only one up until now that knew about them.
  • Lexi thanks him, before he heads towards a small opening.
  • He shouts a name, before a Pokémon stumbles out, revealing to be a Frosslass.
  • He reveals that now, he has his full team of 6 and that they can head back to the Gym.

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