Xenial Destiny series
An Icy Battle! Lexi vs. Wulfric! Part I
Air date August 02, 2014 XY088 Season Conquest
  • Lexi arrives back in Snowbelle City with Wulfric, and Shauna runs up.
  • Lexi introduces Wulfric and reveals she's going into battle, and Shauna follows them.
  • Wulfric heads through to one room, while Lexi and Shauna head into another
  • Shauna asks Lexi if she's ready and has her team, and Lexi smirks before saying yes.
  • Lexi enters the Gym Hall and is met by Wulfric standing parallel to her.
  • Wulfric explains the rules of the Gym battle, before they step out to battle.
  • Wulfric sends out Frosslass, and Lexi sends out Noibat.
  • Noibat is defeated by Frosslass, meaning Wulfric wins the first round.
  • Wulfric sends out Cryogonal, and Lexi sends out Beartic.
  • Shauna is surprised, and Lexi explains that Beartic is an old friend of hers back to battle.
  • Cryogonla faints, meaning Beartic and Lexi win.
  • Wulfric then sends out Avalugg, while Lexi sends out Tyrunt.
  • The battle is much more intense that the previous rounds, and Tyrunt is almost defeated.
  • Lexi's bag begins to glow and out comes Amaura, who screams to help Tyrunt.
  • Tyrunt looks to Amaura, before they both begin to glow.
  • The two then evolve; Tyrunt into Tyrantrum and Amaura into Aurorus.
  • Lexi, Shauna and Wulfric all look on in shock.

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