Xenial Destiny series
The Road to Victory! Part I
Air date August 09, 2014 XY090 Season Conquest
  • Lexi arrives outside of the Pokémon League, where a large gate stands before her.
  • A man walks through a thick mist to the front of the League gates, before asking Lexi to step forward.
  • He asks her if she is here to participate in the Pokémon League, in which she says yes.
  • He allows her to enter, before telling her to proceed into the building up ahead.
  • Lexi enters the building, and walks up to a podium.
  • She inputs her Gym Badges, which results in the structure in front of her to move suddenly, revealing an ornate door.
  • Lexi enters through the door, and shuts in behind her. She then looks head as she looks over large mountains and highland areas.
  • Lexi traverses through the highlands, through forest and streams, jumping up ledges and soon enough, towards a cave entrance.
  • She sits at the side of a trench, before pulling out a notebook.
  • She opens the notebook and reveals a list with the heading Elite Four Team.
  • She looks back and remembers her Pokémon fighting, before writing a slew of names in her notebook, before placing back in her bag.
  • She looks towards the nearby cave, and enters.
  • As she enters, she finds herself confronted by a Trainer.
  • Lexi continues through the cave, continuing to be confronted by Trainers.
  • She soon finds herself at the peak of the cave tops, appearing at the highest point of Victory Road.
  • She continues to walk, however, as things are all too quiet, she turns around.
  • Before her roars a large Pokémon, which she recognizes to be a Druddigon.
  • It's roar sends Lexi hurtling to the floor, before she quickly stumbles to her feet and grabs her Pokéball.
  • She lets out her Delphox which quickly hurtles into battle.
  • The two Pokémon fight at Lexi's commands, battling brutally.
  • Lexi is able to finish off the Druddigon, which retreats into the sky.
  • A figure begins to speak behind her, in which she turns and see's Calem.
  • He asks her how she's doing, in which she tells him she's great, before he asks her to battle him.
  • She asks why, and he reveals that he wants to know if he's ready for the Pokémon League.
  • Lexi smiles, and agrees, and the two stand ready to battle.

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