Xenial Destiny series
The Road to Victory! Part II
Air date August 13, 2014 XY091 Season Conquest
Scizor vs. Lucario
  • Lucario attacks Scizor, which hits hard.
  • Lexi realizes that Scizor needs to work on his speed.
  • Lucario continues to attack, resulting in Scizor being defeated.
Aurorus vs. Gogoat
  • Calem is shocked as he looks at his former Pokémon.
  • Lexi tells him he wants to show just how much Aurorus has grown.
  • Despite a tough battle, Aurorus wins over Gogoat.
Lucario vs. Rhydon
  • Lucario and Rhydon fight in an evenly matched battle.
  • Lexi pulls out her Mega Ring and Mega Evolves Lucario.
  • Calem is shocked as he watches his Rhydon being defeated.
Alakazam vs. Altaria
  • Alakazam and Altaria fight a great battle.
  • Alakazam overpowers Altaria using it's Psychic attacks.
  • Altaria is defeated.
Heliolisk vs. Blastoise
  • Heliolisk and Blastoise attack each other harshly.
  • Blastoise almost defeats Heliolisk, however, Heliolisk is able to win over Blastoise.
Braixen vs. Greninja
  • Braixen and Greninja face off against each other in the most tense round yet.
  • Greninja becomes close to defeating Braixen, however, Braixen begins to evolve.
  • Braixen haults it's own evolution, however, quickly springs into an attack and defeats Greninja.
  • Calem congratulates Lexi on her win, and tells her that he believes she can win the Pokémon League.
  • Lexi thanks him, before hugging him. Calem looks on, in awe.
  • He goes to say something, however, Lexi notices the door ahead and tells him that she best hurry to the League.
  • She kisses his cheek, before running off.
  • Calem watches on as Lexi leaves.
  • Lexi opens the large door, only to find herself before a huge castle.

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