Xenial Destiny series
Ready... Set...
Air date August 16, 2014 XY092 Season Conquest
  • Lexi arrives at the PokéCenter and walks through to the main desk
  • The Nurse asks her if she's participating in the League and she says yes, before the nurse shows her to a large room.
  • She tells Lexi that she can chose her team in this room and that once it is chosen, it is final and cannot be changed.
  • She also leads her off to a small gated outside area, before showing her to the computer that allows her to bring out all her Pokémon, before leaving.
  • Lexi turns to the PC, and turns it on, calls Hayley, and tells her to begin the transfer process.
  • One by one, Lexi's Pokémon arrive in the room.
  • Lexi is overcome with joy, and let's out all of her current Pokémon.
  • They all meet and greet each other, before Lexi reveals that she's participating in the League and needs to select her team.
  • They all look to her, before she tells them they need to get to work.
  • Lexi watches on as her Pokémon pair off and battle.
  • They all fight against each other, and Lexi watches on as she writes down names on a sheet of paper.
  • Lexi thanks them all for fighting, but that she just wants to focus on a few of her Pokémon.
  • Lexi trains with several Pokémon, able to correct several of their problems.
  • Lexi helps Floette battle, however, she is unable to really perform well, so Lexi has a heart to heart telling her that she doesn't think she's quite ready to battle the Elite Four yet.
  • Lexi finalizes her team and soon enters the Pokémon League Castle.
  • She finally signs up, before being shown to a corridor.
  • She notices Shauna up ahead, but Shauna walks in before her.
  • Lexi seems to wait around a while, before being told she can enter.
  • Lexi looks towards the large door, before walking through it, entering a huge hall.
  • Four doors open in the room, as the one she just enters closes.
  • Lexi looks up, and says she's ready.

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