Xenial Destiny series
A Fiery First Match! Lexi vs. Malva!
Air date August 20, 2014 XY093 Season Conquest
  • Lexi selects her first room, and enters quietly.
  • She walks down the corridor, before she begins to feel a heat wave.
  • She see's a large platform, which she steps on.
  • The large platform begins to ascend into the sky, and Lexi looks up.
  • Lexi finds herself in a very dark room.
  • She comments that she feels the heat again, before suddenly, the room explodes in flames.
  • Lexi looks on as the flames ascend into the seemingly topless room.
  • Suddenly, she see's a woman sitting on a throne in front of her.
  • She begins to walk towards the woman, as she stands from the throne and tells her to stop where she is.
  • She asks her why she is so important, and why she was able to defeat him.
  • Lexi looks on curiously and confused, not sure what she's talking about.
  • She continues to say that she wants to see why a young girl is the talk of the region, introducing herself as Malva, before commencing the battle.
Round 1
Chandelure vs. Luxray
  • Chandelure manages to hit Luxray, but just isn't strong enough to take him down.
  • Luxray is able to defeat Chandelure, angering Malva.
Round 2
Torkoal vs. Floatzel
  • Torkoal manages to get some critical attacks into Floatzel, but he's too fast.
  • Floatzel, despite being badly injured, manages to defeat Torkoal using it's speed.
Round 3
Pyroar vs. Lilligant
  • Pyroar is a furnace of power when battling against Lilligant.
  • Lilligant is defeated easily by Pyroar.
Round 4
Talonflame vs. Alakazam
  • Talonflame and Alakazam battle fiercly, both hitting with strong attacks.
  • Despite almost being defeated, it's Lexi's quick wit which means Alakazam wins.

  • Malva looks on enfuriated, but soon composes herself.
  • She turns her back from Lexi, and tells her to continue.
  • As Lexi walks away, Malva stops her, and tells her that she'll be seeing her very soon.
  • Lexi, still confused, walks away.
  • Malva looks back as Lexi walks away.

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