Xenial Destiny series
The Strong as Steel Round! Lexi vs. Wikstrom!
Air date August 23, 2014 XY094 Season Conquest
  • Lexi arrives back in the Grand Hall and tries to analyse what Malva was saying.
  • She soon snaps herself out of it and looks to the other doors.
  • She walks to the one directly in front of her, and enters.
  • Like before, she walks through a corridor to a large platform, which ascends into the sky.
  • She arrives in another large hall, which she see's a man before her.
  • He begins to walk towards her, in which two giant swords crash into the ground, exposing the battlefield.
  • He introduces himself as Wikstrom, before saying they should start the battle immediately.
Round 1
Scizor vs. Espeon
  • Wikstrom boasts about his Scizor's power.
  • Espeon easily defeats Scizor.
Round 2
Probopass vs. Phantump
  • Probopass and Phantump fight strong.
  • Unfortunately, Probopass over powers Phantump and defeats him.
Round 3
Klefki vs. Pancham
  • Klefki and Pancham are quite balanced while battling.
  • Both launch huge attacks, which lands them both defeated, resulting in a draw.
Round 4
Aegislash vs. Pyroar
  • Aegislash and Pyroar's battle is intense, and they fight ferociously.
  • Pyroar has trouble with Aegislash changing his stance.
  • Lexi and Pyroar expose a weak spot in Aegislash and manages to defeat it.

  • Wikstrom laughs at it all, and tells Lexi he thinks she'll be a great battler, but warns her about her other opponents.
  • Lexi thanks him, before walking off.
  • Lexi arrives back in the Grand Hall, looking on to the remaining two doors.
  • She begins walking to one, before looking to the other, and changing her mind.

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