Xenial Destiny series
A Showered Match! Lexi vs. Siebold!
Air date August 27, 2014 XY095 Season Conquest
  • Lexi walks through the Hall and arrives once more in a dark large room.
  • She begins to feel water at her feet, and looks down.
  • Suddenly, gushes of water fill the hall, rising to her knees.
  • Lexi looks around as a man walks forward.
  • He asks her for her name, before introducing himself as Siebold.
  • He reveals that his challenge differs from the others as the arena is filled with water.
  • The floor moves from beneath him and Lexi as two large surfaces float on the water.
  • He asks her if she's ready, before commencing the battle.
Round 1
Beartic vs. Clawitzer
  • Beartic and Clawitzer fight nobly between their Trainers, Clawitzer dives under water but Beartic freezes the water.
  • Clawitzer is unable to take the ice and is defeated.
Round 2
Bergmite vs. Gyarados
  • Bergmite struggles to fight against Gyarados, despite giving it his all.
  • Bergmite freezes the water but Gyarados bursts through and defeats Bergmite.
Round 3
Heliolisk vs. Starmie
  • Heliolisk and Starmie are evenly matched, but Heliolisk falls into the water and becomes badly injured.
  • Despite this, Heliolisk manages to take down Starmie.
Round 4
Barbaracle vs. Arcanine
  • Arcanine battles to the best of it's ability but the water gives it a disadvantage.
  • Arcanine and Barbaracle fight beneath the water, with Arcanine defeating Barbaracle with just ounces of strength left and wins the battle.

  • Siebold looks on in amazement, revealing that there are very few that progress past him.
  • He tells Lexi that's he's intrigued by her, and that he believes there is much power hidden within her.
  • He finishes by telling her to progress, but that she shouldn't underestimate the power of Dragons.
  • Lexi thanks him, before walking away.
  • Siebold watches her as she walks away, smiling.

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