Xenial Destiny series
The Final Elite! Lexi vs. Drasna!
Air date August 30, 2014 XY096 Season Conquest
  • Lexi looks at the three now closed doors, before peering to the final one.
  • She walks through, onto the platform and up into another large room.
  • Two huge dragon monuments fall from the ceiling and suddenly, a dainty woman walks down a set of stairs.
  • She looks to Lexi, and tells her that she see's much wisdom in here eyes.
  • She continues to say she also see's much pain, peering at her.
  • Suddenly, she snaps out of it, walks around her and then looks to her again.
  • She throws her shall over Lexi before the two are placed in a large battlefield.
  • She introduces herself as Drasna, and asks if there battle should begin.
Round 1
Dragalge vs. Scizor
  • Despite it's best efforts, Scizor is too untrained to defeat Dragalge.
Round 2
Altaria vs. Ampharos
  • Altaria and Ampharos fight a great battle.
  • Ampharos manages to defeat Altaria with a Dragon move.
Round 3
Noivern vs. Noibat
  • Noivern and Noibat fight harshly together.
  • Noibat manages to overpower Noivern but a huge attack results in both being defeated.
Round 4
Druddigon vs. Braixen
  • Druddigon overpowers Braixen, but Braixen overheats and becomes a huge source of power.
  • Braixen evolves into Delphox and explodes with flames, defeating Druddigon.

  • Drasna claps excitedly before congratulating her on beating her.
  • Lexi asks her what should she do now and Drasna just whispers her to win.
  • Lexi thanks her and walks away, as Drasna hums to herself and dances around.
  • Lexi arrives back in the hall, and the door shuts behind her.
  • She looks around, but no other doors can be seen.
  • Suddenly, the huge stain-glass window disappears and the wall opens as doors to a large room.
  • Lexi walks through, and the door shuts behind her.

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