Xenial Destiny series
A Fancy Finish! Lexi vs. Diantha!
Air date September 03, 2014 XY097 Season Conquest
  • Lexi walks through a gate which leads to a huge white room.
  • Lexi walks forward through veils, before reaching a large mosaic platform.
  • She puts her hand in the air as the wind blows through her hair, before looking forward.
  • Diantha walks down a spiral staircase, welcoming Lexi to the Pokémon League.
  • She reintroduces herself, before congratulating her for making it through the Elite Four to get here.
  • Lexi nods, and Diantha continues saying that she knows what she did for Kalos and the world, and that she cannot thank her enough for her loyalty.
  • Diantha outlines the rules, that Lexi must defeat at least 4 of her Pokémon, and cannot lose to any more than two. Draws will count as victories for the challenger.
  • Diantha thanks Lexi, but tells her she cannot show leniency in battle.
Round 1
Houndoom vs. Hawlucha
  • Houndoom and Hawlucha fight brutly.
  • Despite it's best efforts, Houndoom is unable to dodge Hawlucha's air attacks.
  • Houndoom is defeated by Hawlucha.
Round 2
Tyrantrum vs. Tyrantrum
  • Tyrantrum faces against Tyrantrum, in an almost equal strength of battle.
  • Diantha's Tyrantrum is able to get the upperhand on Lexi's by locking onto it's neck with it's jaw, however, Lexi's Tyrantrum uses it's training to losen Diantha's Tyrantrums grip and shakes him off.
  • Lexi's Tyrantrum delivers the final blow that defeats Diantha's Tyrantrum.
Round 3
Aurorus vs. Aurorus
  • Aurorus and Aurorus also face off against one another.
  • Lexi's Aurorus battles a great fight, but is unable to defeat Diantha's Aurorus.
Round 4
Heliolisk vs. Gourgeist
  • Heliolisk and Gourgeist face off against each other.
  • Like Tyrantrum, Heliolisk uses it's superior training to defeat Gourgeist.
Round 5
Lucario vs. Goodra
  • Lucario manages to get in some great attacks, injuring Goodra greatly.
  • Goodra gets its own back and attacks Lucario to the point of defeat, however..
  • Lexi pushes her Key Stone and has Lucario transform into Mega Lucario.
  • Lucario battles harshly against Goodra, ultimately winning.
Round 6
Delphox vs. Gardevoir
  • Delphox overpowers Gardevoir and seems to be doing great damage, but Diantha laughs before revealing she wants to use HER secret weapon.
  • Diantha unveils a necklace and pushes the Key Stone, transforming Gardevoir into Mega Gardevoir.
  • Delphox and Mega Gardevoir battle to their limits, and a final attack results in Mega Gardevoir being defeated.

  • Diantha returns Gardevoir and thanks her, before smiling towards Lexi.
  • Lexi looks on in happiness before running to Delphox and hugging her.
  • Lexi looks towards Diantha and she holds her hand out and tells her to join her.
  • A shot of the derelict site in Geosenge Town is shown, where a rock suddenly falls.

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