Xenial Destiny series
A Bond & the Letter
Air date September 06, 2014 XY098 Season Conquest
  • Lexi wakes up and sits at the side of her bed, looking to the dresser, before getting dressed.
  • As she walks downstairs, her sisters and mother greet her warmly before hugging her.
  • Lexi sits down for breakfast before Hayley reveals she can't believe Lexi gave up the Champion position again.
  • She tells them that her journey isn't over yet, so she can't be sitting around in a hall forever.
  • Johanna then asks her what her plans are now, and she reveals that she's thinking of heading elsewhere again.
  • Dawn sits at the table before throwing a letter on the table, telling her it's for her Lexi.
  • She begins to open the letter, before the doorbell rings.
  • Lexi opens the door to Shauna and Calem, who greet her.
  • Shauna hugs Lexi tightly and congratulates her on winning the League.
  • Lexi asks them how they did, and Shauna laughs saying that Malva beat her straight away.
  • Calem reveals he got to Siebold but it didn't take long for him to be beaten.
  • Lexi apologizes, but the two say that they weren't upset about it.
  • Lexi asks what they're planning to do now, in which they both look at each other.
  • They reveal they have some news.
  • Shauna reveals that before they give her their news, she has something she wants to give her.
  • Shauna stands up and reaches out a PokéBall from her back pocket.
  • She launches it onto the ground and out pops at Chespin.
  • Lexi picks the Chespin up and Shauna tells her that she wants her to have it.
  • Lexi asks why and Shauna reveals that she left Chesnaught in the Daycare before the League and it had an Egg.
  • She thanks her and hugs her, before stroking the Chespin.
  • The Chespin launches onto her shoulder, and Lexi strokes it again.
  • Shauna then tells her that they're heading to Hoenn, and they want her to come with them.
  • Lexi is taken aback, but reveals she's not sure if she can, before looking to Calem.
  • Shauna notices this, and reveals she's going to head out to the back to let them talk.
  • As Shauna leaves, the two of them awkwardly stand in silence.
  • Calem stumbles his words, revealing that he would like her to come with them to Hoenn.
  • Lexi is silent, and Calem takes this as a sign of rejection.
  • He asks her if she's actually forgiven him for what's happened, and she just looks at him.
  • She tells him that she has forgiven him but she can't forget it.
  • It takes Calem aback, but he asks her why she doesn't want to come with them.
  • She reveals that she doesn't think it would be good for her to follow them, as she knows Calem needs the time to grow without her.
  • He quickly snaps back telling her that he needs her.
  • They stand in silence, but Calem walks to her puts his hand on her shoulder.
  • He reveals that he wants her to come with them because he wants her to be around him.
  • Shauna walks in and tells Calem that they're gonna have to go soon or else they'll miss their flight.
  • Calem looks to Lexi and asks her again, but she turns and says no.
  • Shauna notices the tension but a car beeps from outside.
  • Shauna reveals it's their taxi, so they should go.
  • Shauna hugs Lexi and tells her she'll see her soon, before walking out the door.
  • Calem puts his stuff in the car and turns back.
  • He rushes up to Lexi and kisses her, before turning away and jumping in the taxi, which speeds away.
  • Lexi stands silent for a few moments, before turning and walking back into the house.
  • She closes the door, and sighs heavily.
  • She walks to the table and notices the letter on the table.
  • She opens the letter, and finds a note:

Come meet me immediately! I have a proposition for you! - L

  • Lexi looks on confused, before jumping from her seat.
  • She marches into the garden and selects several Pokémon, before marching out the front door.

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