Xenial Destiny series
A Familiar Face!
Air date September 10, 2014 XY099 Season Conquest
  • Lexi arrives in Lumiose City before she looks at the note once more.
  • A Chespin jumps up on her shoulder and peers at the note too, which she smiles.
  • Suddenly, her Holo Caster begins to ring, which she answers.
  • The voice on the other end begins to speak, asking for her to come meet them at a small building on a nearby street.
  • Lexi follows the directions and arrives at a small building.
  • She cautiously walks into the house and looks around, before she notices a man stood before her.
  • He says it's good of her to come, before turning and revealing himself to be Looker.
  • Lexi walks up to him and hugs him, asking him what he's doing in Kalos.
  • He reveals he was called here on an investigation, which is why he asked her to come meet him.
  • He then apologizes that he had to keep himself hidden in case of any suspicious people.
  • She accepts his apology and asks him to explain what he needs her to do.
  • He reveals that the city has become plagued with trouble even after Team Flare was disbanded, and that he was called to Kalos to stop it.
  • He then asks that he wanted to see if she could help him.
  • She's hesitant, before expressing that she's unsure about getting back into the way of trouble.
  • He assures her that he'll make sure she's protected 100% of the way.
  • She hesitates a few more moments, before agreeing.
  • He then shows her over to his desk, which is covered in papers and photos.
  • He explains several of the recurring events going on over the past few weeks.
  • After explaining the cases, he reveals that she should probably go and explore the city just to familiarize herself with her surroundings.
  • She agrees, and goes on her way.
  • After leaving, Lookers excited face turns to a serious face as he looks out the window.
  • His thoughts turn to other things, before he pulls out a small recording device.
  • He begins to speak, explaining that he's recruited Lexi and that maybe, just maybe, he can crack this case, he just has to be patient.

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