Xenial Destiny series
In the Back Alleys
Air date September 13, 2014 XY100 Season Conquest
  • Lexi walks through Lumiose City, walking around and heading in shop and buildings throughout the city.
  • She walks past an alleyway, before seeing a group of kids, who soon scatter when they are seen.
  • She soon stumbles upon a café and sits down, asking the other person if it's okay.
  • They put down their paper and they reveal themselves as Diantha.
  • Lexi greets her warmly and asks her how she is, and she reveals she's happy to have kept her position.
  • Diantha then asks Lexi what she's doing back in Lumiose City, and she reveals she's helping out a friend with a few things.
  • She jokes that she seems quite suspicious, but moves past it.
  • She then reveals there is something that she wanted to give her, before handing her a Pokéball.
  • Lexi looks confused, before Diantha reveals it's a baby Ralts that her Gardevoir had recently.
  • She reveals that she wants Lexi to carry it with her, and train it to become a great Pokémon.
  • Lexi thanks her, before her Holo Caster begins to ring.
  • Diantha notices this, and suggests that she goes.
  • Lexi thanks her and gets up, and the two hug.
  • Diantha asks to see her again soon, and Lexi agrees, before zooming out of the café.
  • Arriving back in Lookers building, she's met with a woman speaking with Looker.
  • She reveals that there seems to be a lot of suspicious characters looming in the different alleys throughout Lumiose City.
  • Looker looks to Lexi, and asks her if she wants to check some stuff out.
  • Lexi accepts, and heads out after being given a bit more information about the back alleys.
  • She looks down multiple alleyways, but none of them seem to have anything suspicious.
  • Suddenly, she spots a group of kids walking cautiously down an alleyway.
  • She realizes they must be connected and heads down the alley.
  • As she walks down, she's met by multiple young children, who watch her as she walks further down the alley.
  • Suddenly, an Espurr darts past her, which shocks her.
  • Looker soon follows and realizes the young Pokémon.
  • Then, a young girl speaks, before revealing herself.
  • Looker and Lexi speak with the girl, and they discover that she's a homeless child with only the Espurr as a true friend.
  • He then asks her what they're all doing down in the alleys.
  • She is defensive and asks him to mind his own business.
  • She then tells him for him to go away, but when he persists, she challenges him to a battle.
  • The battle ends up being quite intense, as Espurr shows much more power than expected.
  • Despite the strength of Espurr, Looker wins, which calms Emma down.
  • She apologizes, before saying that they were only playing, and that's all she has to do.
  • Looker then propositions to her that she come and stay at the Bureau and help them.
  • She's taken aback at first, but after reflecting, she decides to accept, but very hesitantly.
  • Looker is excited, before showing her to the bureau.

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