Xenial Destiny series
Detective, Tourist, Gang
Air date September 17, 2014 XY101 Season Conquest
  • Looker sorts through paperwork, while Emma sits and watches Lexi as she trains with her Ralts and Chespin.
  • Emma reveals she hopes to be a great Trainer one day, and peers at Mimi.
  • Suddenly, a woman bursts through the door and runs to Looker, speaking in another language.
  • They all gather round but neither Lexi nor Looker can understand her.
  • Emma walks up and begins to speak the woman, which they realize means she can understand her.
  • Emma reveals she's speaking Japanese/English, but that she needs a little help.
  • Mimi helps Emma by casting an attack, resulting in them all being able to hear and understand what the woman is saying.
  • She reveals that her Pokémon were stolen when she was in Lumiose Station.
  • Emma seems to distance herself from the woman, while Lexi and Looker say it's their duty to see what's going on.
  • Emma reveals she'll stay behind, while Lexi and Looker run off. Emma looks on, worried.
  • Lexi and Looker arrive at the Lumiose Station, where they decide to split up and walk through the Station.
  • Lexi seems not to find anyone, but Looker is cunning and soon spots a few unsavory characters, following them.
  • He follows them to the end of a platform, after they realize that Looker was following them.
  • Lexi spots him from the other platform and runs back to Looker.
  • Looker confronts the group and spots the Pokémon, and he asks them to give back the Pokémon.
  • They refuse, and argue with him, saying that he took their friend away from them, and they aren't happy.
  • Looker wonders who, before Emma reveals herself and admits she used to hang around with them.
  • Emma tries to talk them round, but they refuse to give them back.
  • The punk girl suggests that they battle, and if they win, Emma will return to them, if they lose, they'll give back the stolen Pokémon.
  • Looker looks on embarrassingly, admitting he doesn't have any Pokémon.
  • They all laugh, but Lexi steps in and reveals that she'll battle them.
  • A Punk Girl steps forward, and sends out a Mandibuzz.
  • Lexi sends out her Alakazam, asking for it to help her.
  • The two battle, and despite a hard fight, Lexi wins.
  • The theives, unhappy, give back the Pokémon, and Lexi begins to walk away from them.
  • Emma stops them all and speaks to them, convincing them all to stop stealing Pokémon.
  • Looker, Lexi and Emma all return to the Looker Bureau, before Looker thanks Emma for talking round the group of thieves.
  • Emma thanks him, but expresses her concern for him.
  • He asks why, and Emma reveals that she's concerned over his finances.
  • Looker asks her not to worry, but Emma interrupts and tells him she wants to find a part-time job to help out.
  • He initially refuses but Emma assures him that she is, and he agrees.

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