Xenial Destiny series
An Unforgiveable Crime
Air date September 20, 2014 XY102 Season Conquest
  • Lexi is rummaging through a shop, before she suddenly gets a call on her Holo Caster.
  • She checks it, and their is a message from Looker asking her to come to the Bureau right away.
  • Arriving at the Bureau, Looker reveals that he's worried about Emma as she's not been around the Bureau at all in the last few days.
  • Lexi suggests that maybe she got a part-time job like she suggested, but Looker reveals that she'd comeback to the Bureau at some point through the day though.
  • Suddenly, Looker notices the news and turns up the volume on the TV, in which the reporter reveals that someone broke into the Lumiose Museum last night and damaged a painting.
  • Looker looks to Lexi and asks her to go along and check it out as he has an appointment.
  • She agrees, and heads to the Museum.
  • As she arrives, she reveals who she is and they let her in.
  • Lexi is greeted by a man who reveals himself to be the museum director, who reveals he can't believe anyone would break in, let alone damage a painting.
  • Lexi asks him if he has any idea of who it could be, and he reveals he doesn't.
  • Suddenly, she gets a news report stating that Poké Ball thefts have been occurring in the back alleys by thieves who steal the Poké Balls after battling a trainer.
  • Looker soon arrives, and reveals that he'll take over for her at the museum.
  • She fills him in about the thefts, and he suggests that she possibly goes and tricks the thieves by posing as a defenseless Trainer, and try and get some answers as to what's going on.
  • She does so, and heads off.
  • It doesn't take long for her to suddenly come in contact with someone, who challenges her to a battle.
  • Lexi agrees, and the two battle.
  • Lexi sends out Scizor, while the woman sends out a Granbull.
  • While they're battling, suddenly, someone hits Lexi behind her and she falls to the floor.
  • They try to steal her bag but Scizor quickly protects Lexi.
  • Looker soon follows and tries to scare the woman off, but instead, she stands still.
  • Her look suddenly transforms, and she becomes a humanoid robot looking person.

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