Xenial Destiny series
A Friendship Giveaway
Air date September 24, 2014 XY103 Season Conquest
  • Lexi and Looker look on, and the person suddenly jumps into the sky across the roofs.
  • Looker helps Lexi to her feet and they both begin running after her.
  • They run far, and it's Lexi's Scizor who manages to corner the person
  • Lexi and the person begin to battle, before the girl begins to attack Lexi.
  • They continue to fight, before suddenly, Mimi arrives, which stops the person.
  • Mimi runs past them all and stands next to the person.
  • Looker looks confused, before coming to the conclusion that it must be Emma.
  • The person shouts at him telling her that she is Essentia, and that she is not the person he thinks she is.
  • He continues to assure it's Emma, but as he gets closer, Essentia beats him up.
  • Lexi tries to intervene but is stopped by an unknown force, which halts her movement.
  • Lexi watches on as Looker is beaten up, before Essentia turns away and darts into the distance.
  • Lexi is released from the force and rushes to Lookers side, and he just tells her to help him to the Bureau.
  • As they arrive, Lexi asks him what he's going to do, and he assures her that he's going to the hospital, and that she should probably take the day off.
  • Lexi hesitantly agrees, before leaving.
  • Looker stumbles over to Mimi, and hands her a letter.
  • He reveals that he's going to see, "that man"
  • The next day, Lexi returns to the Bureau to find a clueless Emma, who looks to her and asks her where Looker is.
  • Lexi explains that Looker is in the hospital, which shocks her.
  • Lexi tries to explain that Looker believed it to be her, which she denies and claims she was too busy with her new job.
  • Lexi hesitantly believes her, before saying that they should probably head to the hospital.
  • Emma then looks to the clock before admitting she has to dash off, running past Lexi out of the Bureau.
  • Lexi looks on confused, before turning and finding a man.
  • He reveals that he has someone who wants to see her.

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