Xenial Destiny series
The Fiery Mistress
Air date September 27, 2014 XY104 Season Conquest
  • Lexi asks the man who wants to see her, and he reveals that its easier if he just takes her to them.
  • She continues to stand, before deciding to follow him.
  • The man walks strictly towards the Hotel Richissime.
  • As they walk through the corridors of the hotel, Lexi looks around but no one can be found.
  • She soon arrives at a door, in which the man lets her in, and shuts it behind her.
  • Lexi looks back at the door, before a light switches on, revealing a woman.
  • Lexi squints to adapt to the light, before realizing who the person is - Malva.
  • She reveals that she's in need of the Looker Bureau's services, but snobbishly tells her not to waste their time.
  • Lexi asks her to explain what she needs, but Malva reveals her emotions are to inflamed, and asks her to battle.
  • Malva sends out her Pyroar, while Lexi sends out Alakazam.
  • The two battle, and Malva continues to show her enraged state.
  • Lexi continues to battle her, but Malva's emotions become too strong and Pyroar defeats Alakazam.
  • After the battle, Malva laughs, but says that the battle was meaningless.
  • She reveals that she knows who the Trainer known as Essentia is - a young girl called Emma.
  • She continues to say that Emma is wearing a piece of special technology dubbed the Expansion Suit.
  • The Expansion Suit was created by Dr. Xerosic.
  • Lexi reacts to hearing about Emma and Xerosic, and Malva, noticing this, reveals that she must remember Xerosic.
  • Malva then reveals that she wants Lexi to get rid of Xerosic - she doesn't care how, but to do it.
  • She then reveals that even Team Flare had their sense of pride, and that they were only doing what they thought right.
  • Lexi is shocked and questions if Malva was a member of Team Flare, and Malva snubs it off.
  • She reveals that she won't allow Xerosic to sully their honor, and that she doesn't expect Lexi wants Emma to continue staining her hands with these crimes.
  • She then reveals that she can help them, and to meet her at Lysandre's Café in one hour.
  • She reveals that Lexi needs to be ready to face death and prepare well if she wants to survive.
  • She then walks by Lexi, and leaves.
  • Lexi arrives back at the Bureau, and begins to collect some things.
  • She has a little look through Emma's things, but finds nothing of interest.
  • She soon walks out and arrives at the Lysandre Café.
  • She walks in, and finds Malva stood impatiently.
  • Malva says she'll show her the way, and walks through the back entrance.
  • Lexi follows her back into the Lysandre Labs.

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