Xenial Destiny series
Back in the Lions Den
Air date October 01, 2014 XY105 Season Conquest
  • Malva shows Lexi to the Elevator and selects it to go down to the secret floor.
  • She says good luck, before snobbishly walking away.
  • Lexi heads down to the Secret floor, and walks out to a huge room.
  • As she walks down, she's met by a group of the Lumiose Gang.
  • She asks them what they're doing and they apologetically tell them that they needed the money, so they decided to work for Dr. Xerosic.
  • Lexi tells them to step aside, but they initially refuse.
  • Lexi explains that she can help Emma get out of this mess and back to normal.
  • After thinking for a while, they decide to let her pass.
  • Lexi arrives in a room filled with equipment and books. She glances over the notes, which she finds for the Expansion Suit.
  • She reads a book, which includes notes on the Expansion Suit, and that it enhances physical power, hacks into Poké Balls, disguises the wear and allows them to be controlled.
  • Another book reads about the Expansion Suit testing, and that a girl had come to the Lab for the test project, but that she didn't know what it was for.
  • It continues to read that Xerosic tried teaching Emma to be a Trainer, but his Pokémon just wanted to play with her.
  • A third book is found and reads that Xerosic had the suit tested by having Essentia break into the museum, and then steal Poké Balls for further suit testing.
  • Suddenly, Xerosic begins to talk and calls her a naughty girl for snooping in his work.
  • She tells him that his testing is barbaric and that he cannot continue.
  • He explains that his Expansion Suit was a perfect design, but for some reason, when Essentia ran into Lexi before, the suit had several glithces, and that he had to suppress Emma's spirit and mind in order to avoid them, to no success.
  • He then explains that his intellectual mind allowed him to discover that Emma wasn't a strong enough test subject, and that Lexi probably is.
  • He calls on Essentia, and tells her to take Lexi down.
  • Essentia and Lexi then return to battling once more, this time, Essentia's strength is unmatched.
  • Lexi continues her hardest, and successfully takes her down, but Xerosic just continues to demand she battles, which causes her to continue.
  • Soon enough, Essentia becomes enraged and fights Lexi once more, this time trying to succumb her by attatching cords and wires into her skin.
  • Suddenly, an attack is fired and Essentia is sent hurtling back, and bounces off her and hits the remote control device Xerosic was holding.
  • The attack is revealed to be from Mimi, who stands with Looker by its side.
  • Essentia stands up, but the suit malfunctions and begins to spark, before smoke begins to form.
  • Emma removes the helmet and asks what happened, but Xerosic simply tells her that the testing is over.
  • She asks why Looker and Lexi are here, and Looker just says they came to tell her to get ready for dinner with them.
  • She confusingly walks away alongside Mimi, before leaving.
  • Lexi and Looker confront Xerosic, but he just tells them he's had enough and he'll go quietly.
  • He explains that all the crimes, the museum graffiti, the Poké Ball thefts, were all him controlling Essentia.
  • He continues saying that Emma was clinically unconscious while in the suit so she had no idea what was going on.
  • He then says that Emma is a fine person, but she's strong and clear of purpose.
  • He reveals that he has no regrets, and he's thankful for the research Emma allowed him to do with her clarity of pure heart.
  • Looker then reveals that he won't take him away just yet.
  • He then explains that he wants him to stay a little while, as Emma has taken to him.
  • He then reveals that he wants to wait before he reveals the truth to Emma, which makes Lexi curious.

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