Xenial Destiny series
Here's Lookin' At You, Kid!
Air date October 04, 2014 XY106 Season Conquest
  • Lexi arrives at the Looker Bureau, and walks in to find Emma sat down.
  • She reveals that Looker should be out of the hospital any minute.
  • Mimi walks around the corner with a letter, which has her name on it.
  • It reads:

To my dearest friends... I must have but a moment of your time. It is I, the great detective Looker. I write today because there is something I must confess to you. This is confidential! Top secret! I am not a private detective at all but an officer of the International Police! You are shocked, of course. My hard-boiled detective act was brilliantly flawless, after all. But I know you have been worrying about my long 'hospital stay' and the strange 'illness' that kept me there. The truth is--I am the very picture of health! My hospital stay was a ruse to keep you all out of harm's way. My intentions were the best, but it was still a lie, for which I humbly apologize.

However, my friends, there is another reason for this letter. And so I must request of you just a minute or two more. I came to this region for an investigation. Detective Officer Looker was on the case! And, indeed... Thanks to yours truly, the case is now closed. My greatness prevailed! I cheer! And yet... It also means my time in Kalos is done. I must say good-bye to this lovely region. And, more painfully, to you, my friends. Thank you for all your assistance... And adieu. P.S. To Lexi, my colleague... You have been the perfect partner. For all that you have done for me in our time together, I would like to present you with my cherished code name, 'Looker.' And for Emma and Mimi... To the two of you, I leave the Looker Bureau. I purchased the whole building, so never again will you have to worry about rent. It is yours to do with as you will.

  • Lexi is confused, before she see's Looker's notebook open. It reads:

To Lexi, my friend--I imagine that you must have read the letter I entrusted to Mimi by now. Here, in my private notes, I must express to you my gratitude and my regrets. My greatest regret is that I had to lie to you, my worthy partner. In adherence to the guidelines of the International Police, I was strictly forbidden to reveal my identity. But I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that you were my partner. Our time together was brief, but I will treasure the memories of working with you for always. As I wrote in the letter, my task here is complete. I must escort the suspected criminal Xerosic to his trial and bid farewell to this land. I'm sure Emma must be distraught, but I know you of all people will understand why I must go. You are my partner, after all. Thank you for working at my side. Ever your partner, Looker.

  • Emma is confused and shocked, and runs out of the building.
  • Lexi follows her, but is stopped by the Museum Director.
  • He explains that Looker had just left, and that he had to thank you.
  • Lexi's Holo Caster begins to ring, and it's Emma, revealing that she's found Looker at the Lysandre Café.
  • Looker and Xerosic stand alone in the Café, and Looker once again asks if Emma was at all responsible for what happened.
  • Xerosic reaffirms she didn't, before Looker interrupts saying they're train is about to depart.
  • Suddenly, Lexi and Emma run in.
  • Emma asks why he's leaving, and Looker tells her that the letter explains everything.
  • He continues to explain that he cannot stay in Kalos when they're are many crimes elsewhere to solve.
  • Emma sobbingly reveals that she'll join the police force to be with him, but he reveals that she cannot come with him.
  • Emma refuses and says that he can't leave her because they're his assistants.
  • Looker reveals that as of now they've graduated, and that Emma is now the new Head of the Looker Bureau.
  • He reveals that he knew Lexi would be heading away soon and that Emma can handle keeping Kalos in order.
  • Emma turns to Lexi and asks her to stop him, but Looker intervenes and reveals that Lexi knows that he must leave.
  • Mimi walks towards Looker, and he reveals that he doesn't want her to be upset, and that the bond they have will never break.
  • Xerosic then hands Emma his Pokémon and the Expansion Suit, and explains that she needs to do this for everyone.
  • She reveals that she cannot see him as the man who wanted to destroy the world, but thanks him saying that he allowed her to become a Trainer.
  • After a moment of thought, Emma reveals she thinks she understands now.
  • She becomes more happy, and reveals that she's going to try her best to do the best for Kalos, and that she'll protect the region in any way she can.
  • Looker reveals he'll rest easy knowing that, and explains that they must go now.
  • Emma smiles and they all say their goodbyes.
  • Looker and Xerosic board the train, and Lexi and Emma watch it set off.
  • Emma thanks Lexi for being there for her, and that she hopes she comes back to Kalos again one day.
  • Lexi thanks Emma, but looks worryingly when Emma isn't looking.
  • Emma leaves, and Lexi walks off with her Ralts and Chespin.

  • Sycamore sits alone in his office, contemplating and thinking to himself.
  • He seems to be looking over the plans for the Ultimate Weapon, before he realizes something.
  • He quickly runs out of his office and quickly flies to Geosenge Town.
  • When he arrives, he examines the site of the Ultimate Weapon, before realizing something once more.
  • He falls to the ground, and simply says "Oh no".

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