Xenial Destiny series
Fate Decided
Air date October 08, 2014 XY107 Season Conquest
  • Sycamore frantically sorts through paper work and tries ringing Lexi, to no success.
  • He quickly grabs his stuff before rushing out the door.
  • One of his work colleagues shouts to him about the parade, but he's too far gone.
  • Lexi sits at her sisters dining table, looking into her glass with a serious expression on her face.
  • She soon gets a call, which she answers, to find Hayley on the other side.
  • She tells her that they're all excited about seeing her and that they'll be back soon.
  • Lexi hangs up the phone and heads out to her Pokémon.
  • She once again gathers them all together and thanks them all for their hard work.
  • Suddenly, the front door smashes open and it walks through Johanna, Hayley and Dawn.
  • The family all hug, before they all filter through the house.
  • Dawn stands at the table, before saying that they have a surprise for her.
  • She opens the door, only to reveal Elesa, Brock and Marlon.
  • Lexi hugs Elesa, greets Brock and has a slightly awkward moment with Marlon.
  • Marlon and Brock speak with Hayley and Johanna, while Elesa sits with Lexi.
  • She reveals that she's missed her, and that she looks great.
  • Lexi reiterates and asks her how things are going, in which she reveals that everyone is great and Unova is back in top shape.
  • Elesa explains that Marlon hasn't shut up about her since they decided to travel, and that she thinks he still has a soft spot for her.
  • Lexi looks on, seemingly troubled.
  • Elesa asks what's wrong, and Lexi reveals that she's unsure about what she's going to do now.
  • Marlon interrupts and asks about going to see her Pokémon, and so they all head outside.
  • Sycamore, meanwhile, frantically drives after finding out from Korrina that Lexi returned to her sisters Daycare.
  • Lexi shows off all her Pokémon, and Elesa, Brock and Marlon are excited to see the Kalos native Pokémon.
  • Marlon suggests they should all battle - Lexi and Elesa vs. Marlon and Brock.
  • They agree, and they all choose one of Lexi's Pokémon.
  • Suddenly, Sycamore barges through the house and to Lexi.
  • He rapidly speaks, but no one can understand what he's saying.
  • Lexi tells him to come and sit down.
  • He explains that he's discovered something during his analysis over the Ultimate Weapon.
  • He continues to say that he discovered that their was certain element present in the power that Xerneas emits, that's currently been used in experimentation for revitalization.
  • Asking what that means, he explains that he believes that the toxic chemicals emitted when the Ultimate Weapon was destroyed will have been present at the time, which means that Lysandre could in fact of survived the disaster.
  • Lexi thinks for a moment, but explains that Lysandre's body was recovered and he was cremated.
  • Sycamore stands their for a few moments, before relaxing.
  • He apologizes, saying that he can't believe he forgot.
  • Johanna explains that maybe he's been overworking himself, which has led him to think up theories.
  • He agrees, before apologizing once more.
  • Elesa explains that they need to head off, saying that they were only dropping in, but that they'll visit her sometime soon.
  • Lexi thanks them for coming, before hugging them all again.
  • Marlon notices that Lexi seems troubled, but passes it over and says goodbye, kissing her on her cheek.
  • They all say goodbye, and Dawn, Johanna and Hayley all follow saying they need to pop out.
  • Lexi watches them all going, looking worried, before walking away.
  • Sycamore arrives back in Lumiose City, sighs, and walks back into his office.
  • Hayley speaks about Professor Sycamore, remarking that he's so smart his minds in overload.
  • They all laugh, and Johanna explains that it's impossible for Lysandre to walk the Earth again.
  • Sycamore puts his things on his desk, before a man grabs him from behind.
  • The man is revealed to be Lysandre, who slams Sycamore on the desk.

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