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ゼニカル運命:X対Y: 壊滅 Xenial Unmei: X tai Y: Kaimetsu
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Japan October 17, 2014
United States October 17, 2014
English themes
Opening N/A
Ending Nettaigyo No Namida
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending Nettaigyo No Namida

Xenial Destiny: X vs. Y: Destruction (Japanese: ゼニカル運命:X対Y: 壊滅 Xenial Unmei: X tai Y: Kaimetsu) is the fifth theatrical movie and the first Xenial Destiny series movie. It was released Worldwide on October 17, 2014. The movie was set between Fate Decided and Moving Forward.

The movie features Lexi in a prominent role. Xerneas and Yveltal make their starring roles in the movie.


Lysandre sits down in Sycamore’s office, and spins in his chair. He looks at the photos on his desk, including one of Lexi and her friends. He gives a faint smile, before standing up again. He walks towards the door, where a tied-up Sycamore lays, seemingly unconscious. He simply walks past him and enters the lift, before leaving. Sycamore opens his eyes.

Lexi paces up and down the floor of her sisters Ranch. She looks out towards all of her Pokémon, before smiling a little. Unexpectedly, the front door bursts open and in walks Lexi’s mum and two sisters. They all talk fast greet one another, Lexi tries to get their attention but they don’t hear her, settling down their things and filtering into different rooms. Lexi looks on with wonderment.

Suddenly, the television lights up and Lysandre begins to speak. Lexi’s face drains of colour and she looks shocked, before slowly turning towards the television. Lexi’s family rush into the room and Hayley looks to Lexi, realising her shock. Lysandre sits on screen asking the world if they’ve missed him. He tells them that he’s shocked to hear that no one has mourned his loss and that he wants to teach everyone a lesson. He then directs himself straight to Lexi, telling her that he forgives her and that he’s happy that she tried to murder him as it’s given him a new lease of power. He then tells the world that his decision is final and that he intends to destroy Kalos in its current state by ridding the world of the ugliness it currently harbours. He asks everyone whether they want to live or die, and explains that they cannot escape the future. He tells them that they have a choice – to live, fight alongside him and come to the new world under his rule – or to die, leaving this life with the ugliness that engulfs it. He also poses a message to Lexi, telling her that if she stands in his way, he will kill everyone dear to her. He then tells them that to show how serious he is, he will kill – and pulls Gurkinn into the shot. Everyone looks on in shock – before Lysandre tells everyone to say goodbye to their beloved Mega Master, before slitting his throat. The television then cuts out.

Lexi falls to the ground, beginning to shake ferociously with tears running down her face. Her family fall towards her, but Lexi pushes them all away. She jumps up and runs outside, grasping for breath and falls to the floor, before beginning to sob uncontrollably as rain falls down on her. Johanna and her two daughters stand at the window, looking on. Johanna asks them why Lexi has been plagued with all this violence, death and despair, asking what she’s done to deserve a daughter that goes through all this. They have no words, before moving away. Lexi opens the door slowly, before walking in. She tells Hayley to contact everyone she knows, friends, family, acquaintances, everyone. Lexi picks up the phone telling them that she herself has some phone calls to make.

Johanna is in the kitchen making dozens of different foods and drinks, saying that she’s going to help anyway she can. Lexi walks through to the living room before the doorbell rings, where she answers it. As she opens the door, a flood of friends and acquaintances flood through the door: Brigette, Marlon, Viola, Alexa, Grant, Korrina, Ramos, Clemont, Bonnie, Valerie, Olympia, Wulfric, Wikstrom, Siebold, Drasna and Diantha. Diantha puts her hand on Lexi’s shoulder, telling her that there are no words to describe how sorry she is for this. Lexi tells her not to apologise, as they should have made sure Lysandre was dead for good. Alexa asks what the plan is, with Ramos saying they need to get people to safety. Wikstrom tells everyone they need to kill Lysandre while Drasna suggests they head straight for the source. Lexi tells them all that they need to prepare to fight. The doorbell rings again, and Calem and Shauna walk in. Lexi looks to Calem and he to her, but they don’t speak. Marlon tells them that he thinks Lexi’s right – they have to prepare to fight. Lysandre won’t stop, so neither should they. Diantha agrees, and tells them all that they need to be prepared for the worst – a war will occur in Kalos. Alexa asks where Lysandre is, and Korrina reveals at the Tower of Mastery.

Night falls, and the Tower of Mastery stands tall lit up. Inside, the Mega Lucario statue is destroyed and Lysandre sits on a large throne. Around him are many, many men and women stood around him cheering and jeering. A man stands in front of Lysandre and shows him the weapons he possesses and tells him he’s a great fighter. Lysandre nods his head and welcomes him to The Rebellion. Another man walks up, visibly scared and shaken. Lysandre asks him what he’s going to bring to the army; he mutters his strength, but everyone laughs. Lysandre stands up and walks towards him, before slicing off his head. He tells everyone that he won’t do for weaklings in his army. He then tells a man to finish off without him – telling him that he has things to do.

Inside a prison, Mable and Aliana sit in a prison cell, bored and silent. The prison begins to shake viciously, before a large explosion can be heard. The girls look outside their cell, and Lysandre walks towards them. They both look at each other and smile. Lysandre tells them that he needs their help to find something.

Lexi, the Gym Leaders return and reveal they have so many recruits who are willing to fight. Lexi tallies them down and reveals that she herself has got people from walking door-to-door. Soon everyone returns and they find their numbers are quite large and tells everyone good job. Lexi walks into her sister’s home and sits down, and Calem follows her. He sits beside her awkwardly and asks her how she’s been. She just looks at him and he tells her that it was a stupid question. He tells her that she doesn’t have to put the burden on herself, and that she needs to know that she’s not alone. Lexi explains to him that she feels she needs to take control, as there has been so much pain in her life that she needs to be in control to ensure that things don’t go wrong. Marlon walks in and tells Lexi that she should probably help Hayley with her Pokémon; she stands up, hugs him, and walks out. Marlon sits beside Calem and tells him that he’s heard a lot about him from Professor Sycamore. He also tells him he heard about what happened with him and Lysandre, and that he shouldn’t get too close to Lexi. Calem tells him that he’d do anything to ensure Lexi is safe and that he’d never hurt her again. Marlon comes to the realisation that Calem has more than friendship on his mind with Lexi, and tells him to back off and let Lexi do her thing, before leaving. Calem looks outside at Lexi, before walking away.

Lexi gathers all her Pokémon together, and along with Hayley, explains to them about what’s happening. She asks them all to train together and prepare, and they have to be strong for her. She tells them that even though she doesn’t see some of them often, she wants them to know she loves them and that she only wants them to be the best they can be.

Back out front, everyone decides that they should head to their respective cities and help prepare people for the oncoming battle. They all agree, and head their separate ways. Brigette stops Lexi and tells her she has to tell her something.

Lysandre, Mable, Aliana and a handful of people are in a plane flying towards a mountainous area. They get off the plane and they begin walking through the cave. Aliana asks Lysandre what they’re here to find, and Lysandre reveals that he needs secret weapon that’ll ensure nothing can get in his way. They soon come to a dead end. Mable and Aliana are about to turn back, before Lysandre presses a small stone in the wall. He is amused as he reveals that he wasn’t sure if this would be the way to them, but that Sycamore’s notes were correct. He enters the room, alongside Aliana and Mable.

In the centre of the room sits a large rock. Lysandre walks up to the stone and places his hand on top. Lysandre asks the girls do they know who this is. They look perplexed, and Lysandre explains that this is the Legendary Pokémon of Destruction Yveltal. The two girls are shocked. Lysandre explains that he’s been searching for Yveltal for many years, and he finally found it, but wanted to wait until it was absolutely necessary to find him. The girls ask why he didn’t awake him back during their initial plan, and Lysandre explains that he was fully aware his plan would be thwarted, and so he kept Yveltal’s place of rest hidden until he returned. The girls look at each other once again, before Lysandre tells them to leave.

Lysandre steps back, before cutting his hand with a knife and wiping the residue blood across the stone. The stone begins to crack, and Lysandre stands back. The stone cracks a little more, before bursting open. A creature curled up in a ball hovers where the stone once sat, which soon spreads out and screeches. Lysandre watches on, in amazement. Lysandre soon walks towards the Pokémon, but the Pokémon seemingly growls ferociously at him. Lysandre tells it not to worry, and that he’s awoken him as a friend, as he needs his help. The Pokémon settles down onto the ground, seemingly listening to Lysandre. Lysandre explains that he’s awoken him in a matter of urgency, explaining that the world is filled with ugliness, terror and hatred and that he needs his help. Yveltal doesn’t seem to listen, edging closer to Lysandre as if a predator to its prey. Lysandre falls to the floor and pleads with the Yveltal. He explains that the world needs to be beautiful again, and that only Yveltal can fight against those who threaten to do his duty for him. The Yveltal seems receptive, and Lysandre smiles.

He walks back out of the hall, and tells them that he’s got him. A man looks on.

Lexi arrives in Lumiose City with Korrina, Brigette, Marlon, Calem and Shauna; the city is almost empty with shops emptied and café’s bordered up. The only people on the streets are those who are scurrying around for scraps of food that they can salvage. Lexi looks on horrified, asking them what’s happened. Marlon explains that people are scared, and that everyone is hiding away, escaping the region or joining ranks, but everyone is just trying to survive. Korrina, meanwhile, walks away with a phone call, before returning and gathering them all. She explains that her inside man has discovered that Lysandre has found a secret weapon – revealing that he’s awoken Yveltal. Lexi asks who Yveltal is and Shauna explains that Yveltal is the Destruction Pokémon, who has the ability to absorb life. Calem goes on explaining that it lives it’s life and when it’s about to die is consumes life in order to then conserve itself in a thousand year slumber, but muses that it’s only been hundreds of years since it last was seen, and that it should still be asleep. Korrina explains that it seems Lysandre has somehow awoken it and bargained with it to fight in his corner.

Lexi stands, digesting this information, before turning to everyone and tells them that she’s going to search for Xerneas. Everyone looks in shock, but Lexi explains that even thought she caught it she allowed it to leave and do whattever it wanted, further explaining that if Yveltal can take life, she already knows that Xerneas can give life. She continues that if Lysandre wants to try and take life, she can get Xerneas to help her give life. Korrina suggests it can’t hurt to try, but explains that no one knows where Xerneas is now. Lexi reveals she has an idea. In that moment, all the groups Holo Casters begin to ring, which they answer – and Lysandre appears.

He tells them that he’s tired of waiting, and now – he’s ready to fight. He proposes that they meet in the Kalos Desert at Dawn – telling them he’ll be waiting. Everyone looks at one another. Lexi tells them to get everyone ready – she has something she has to do. Both Marlon and Calem tell her they’ll go with her, but she tells them no – she’ll go alone. She tells them that she’ll be back, but if she’s not back by Dawn they will have to battle without her – but promises she will be back. They all say no, but Korrina tells them that Lexi’s not going to listen anyway. Lexi thanks them all, before running off.

Dawn hits, and both armies begin to form and walks towards the Kalos Desert. Both Pokémon and people join the ranks. Valerie asks why would Pokémon side with Lysandre, and Siebold explains that it’s more likely that the Trainers are controlling their Pokémon to do their bidding, and that Trainers have a funny way of controlling Pokémon.

The two sides stand against each other, with Lysandre and Diantha walking to the centre. Lysandre tells Diantha that he only wishes she joined him on his quest. Diantha explains that she will personally see to it that he dies a painful death. Lysandre laughs and asks if she’s heard that he’s immortal now. She laughs herself, and explains that immortality won’t stop him from dying. They both walk back to their armies.

Not a movement can be heard. Suddenly, both Lysandre and Diantha yells, and the battle begins.

The battle is ferocious, with Pokémon and people fighting violently against each other. All of Lexi’s friends, family and allies fight as hard as they can, with Lexi’s Pokémon fending off those that come close to them.

The battle continues for a while, before Lysandre pulls out a Pokéball. He then shouts – before unleashing Yveltal. Yveltal fills the air and screeches, bringing everyone to attention. Everyone looks in shock as Yveltal fills the air with darkness. Lysandre laughs, however Lexi filters through the crowd and stands before Lysandre. She tells him that she has a little weapon of her own, before unleashing Xerneas.

Lysandre looks on in horror, before launching towards Lexi. The war continues once again. Everyone fights heroically. Lexi fights off multiple people at once, working in tandem with her friends and Pokémon. Xerneas and Yveltal are stalemate in battle, fighting against each other viciously and ferociously, firing attacks at each other again and again. Lexi looks around at the war, and see’s everyone fighting. She soon realises that she can’t see Lysandre anywhere. She rummages through the armies, defending herself, before she notices Lysandre in the distance. Diantha sees this too, and tells Lexi to go; Lexi hands her something, before running off. Diantha looks into her hand when a look of sudden realization comes on her face, before heading back to battle. Lexi looks back, before running for Lysandre.

Away from the battlefield, Lysandre quietly walks into an abandoned Parfum Palace. Lexi follows closely behind, making sure to keep out of sight, before she sneaks into the Palace herself. She walks in and a bright light shines on her. A man begins to clap, before she realizes its Lysandre. Lysandre commends her on her determination through this battle. Lexi stands silent, and Lysandre explains that he can’t believe she fell into his trap once more. Lexi looks perplexed, before he explains that he knew that if he found Yveltal, that she would get Xerneas – leading it straight into the trap. He continues saying that he needed Yveltal to lure Xerneas out so that it could then be killed to ensure that no life can be restored. Lexi asks him what his actual plan is – no lying. He reveals that he’s tired of living with others and the ugliness that the world includes – and that he plans to kill every living sole on the earth, both human and Pokémon, and live on Earth for eternity under his own rule. Lexi asks what about his followers, and won’t he be lonely. He explains that he doesn’t need anyone to live his life with – including Yveltal. He intends to kill everyone and everything and nothing can stop him now. Lysandre asks her if she’s going to do anything to stop him, and Lexi just says yes. He begins to laugh, before Lexi pulls out her Holo Caster. Lysandre soon realizes that all he’s been said has been recorded, and unveiled for everyone to hear. On the battlefield, Diantha stands with a large speaker, which reveals everything that Lysandre said. Lexi explains to him that his followers now know his true intentions as does Yveltal – meaning that the battle has stopped and no one is fighting on his side. Yveltal cries in anger, before soaring towards the Palace. Everyone looks to each other, before Lexi’s friends begin to run towards the Palace.

Yveltal arrives at the Palace and cries in anger once more, before blasting the building sending the whole place shattering and crumbling. Inside, Lexi and Lysandre are startled by the attack and fall to the ground. Yveltal continues to attack, and the whole Palace goes up in flames. Lysandre flies into a rage, rushing towards Lexi. He fights her savagely, as the two go hand-to-hand in combat. They both punch and claw at one another, before Lexi tackles him to the floor. Xerneas then jumps towards Yveltal, and makes it calm down, resulting in Yveltal, flying off.

The flames continue to engulf the Palace, with Lexi and Lysandre still battling. Soon enough, Lysandre over powers Lexi and holds her down, as the fire gets fiercer and closer to them.

Her friends, still running, continue to run as they watch in horror the Palace engulfed in flames. Calem, Dawn, Johanna, Marlon, Brigette and Valerie look particularly scared, as they continue to run.

Lexi screams in pain as Lysandre savagely bites her shoulder. He tells her that he’s going to make sure she won’t get herself out of this one, flipping her round onto her front before pulling her to her feet. The two struggle, both weakened by the heat and flames around them. The two fight more, before Lexi notices a large vat of what she believes to be oil. Scared, she pushes over the vat and quickly gets out of the way. The oil covers Lysandre, and the flames suddenly hit him and he begins to burn. In agonizing pain, Lysandre runs as he is engulfed by the flames, screaming and shouting as he runs through the Palace before falling through a set of worn floorboards.

Lexi struggles to move as the flames continue to surround her, coughing and spluttering unable to breath within the flames.

Suddenly, all Lexi’s friends arrive outside of the burning Palace. Scared and worried, the girls begin to shout and scream Lexi’s name in a hope she’ll somehow answer.

Marlon notices a door which isn’t in flames, and runs inside. Everyone tries to stop him, but he’s too quick. Realising this, Calem then runs in after him, once again unable to be stopped by everyone.

Marlon and Calem rush through the building, shouting Lexi and trying to find her throughout the flames. The two men struggle, but suddenly Calem see's Lexi above. The duo climb up and get to Lexi, who's in a bad way. Unable to breathe and close to unconsciousness, Lexi smiles as Marlon and Calem arrive. The two realise that flames are filling the room, and Calem tells Marlon he'll have to clear a way for them to get out. Marlon hesitates, but Calem shouts at him and he quickly begins making a track out of the Palace. Calem tries to pick up Lexi but Lexi just flops, and Calem begins to cry in frustration. He tries to wake her up, in which Lexi regains consciousness. She tells Calem to get her out of here and he assures her he will. Loud noises startle her, Calem tries to calm her down, but suddenly the ground begins to move, and one side of the ground collapses. Lexi's feet begin to dangle off of the edge and she slips down. Calem grabs her arms and refuses to let go, and Lexi tells him she's scared. He tells her that he won't let her go. Lexi looks below, and realizes she doesn't have much hope. She closes her eyes, and then looks at Calem. She tells him that she's sorry for what happened before, and that she was just shocked at what he said. Calem tells her to forget it, but Lexi tells him she won't, before grabbing him and kissing him. Lexi then releases her hands from his, and falls off the edge. Calem looks on in horror as he watches Lexi fall into the flames, before shouting. Marlon see's what happens and shouts also, before several men charge in and grab the two men. The two men are then dragged out of the burning building unwillingly.

Arriving outside, the two men fall to the ground and sob uncontrollably. Calem looks at Johanna and everyone else, and they all realize what must of happened, and fall to the ground also and weep.

The building has been extinguished and smoke rises into the air. Everyone sits around in silence, with Dawn weeping into her mothers arm. Calem goes to apologize, but Johanna tells him their is no need, and that she knows he would of done anything to save her.

Suddenly, a man shouts that 'this one's alive'. Everyone looks up in hope, and Calem runs to the body. Suddenly, his face drains of colour, as he see's Lysandre, who peers up at him. Calem goes to attack him but he's held back by Marlon. Calem walks up to Officer Jenny and asks her what's happening to the scum, and she reveals that he's going into a maximum security prison, and that he won't be going anywhere for the rest of his life. Calem shouts at him that he'll kill him, but he's held back, as Lysandre is carted off.

Arriving back at the battlefield, the group see the destruction in front of their eyes. Diantha comments that the blood lost, by either side, is a true loss and that everyone was being led by fear – not loyalty. Xerneas, although injured, stumbles towards the group. It looks towards Diantha, who puts her hand on its nose. It begins to slightly glow, before it begins to speak – it comments that he was brought here by the love and compassion Lexi had for both the Pokémon and people of Kalos, and claims that it itself saw this through Lexi’s eyes. He comments that although he is weak, he can hopefully restore peace to Kalos. The group look on, surprised, and Johanna steps forward. She asks if that include bringing back those who died Lexi, but Xerneas shakes his head, before telling them that the lives lost will be forever lost. He explains that Lexi and everyone else would be the sacrifice in order to restore life and peace in Kalos. Johanna steps back, before Diantha thanks Xerneas. The glowing stops, and Xerneas steps back. It casts an attack, which a veil of energy bursts from its body. The battlefield, filled with death and darkness, once again fills with life and light. People & Pokémon who died are recovered, and everything seemingly goes back to normal. Everyone gives a faint smile, as they look on.

Outside of Laverre City, a large group of people stand around as a coffin is carried down an archway, into a stone canopy next to a running spring, filled with pink blossom trees. A man tells the crowd of Lexi’s bravery and loyalty, and the sacrifice she had to endure in order to restore peace to the world. Shortly after, her coffin is pushed into the water, sailing off into the sea. Her family, friends and Pokémon all stand silently as they watch her coffin pass by.

Everyone gathers in a hall, in which everyone is in conversation and socialising. Marlon, Calem, Dawn, Hayley, Shauna, Valerie, Korrina, Diantha, Viola and Alexa are sat at a table quietly. Viola breaks the silence by asking everyone what their plans are now. Diantha, Valerie and Korrina reveal they’ll return to their Gyms, Dawn reveals she’s going to stay with Hayley to look after Lexi’s Pokémon. Shauna reveals that she and Calem are departing for Hoenn in a few days, and Marlon reveals that he’s going to go travelling. Diantha tells them all that the best thing they can do for Lexi now is live their lives to the fullest. They all agree. A young girl walks up, and reveals herself to be Aliana. Everyone looks at her in shock and Valerie stands to her feet. She reveals that she never wanted any of this to happen, and she was only working with Lysandre out of fear, but she tried her best to put things right in the end. She reveals that Mable lost her life, but that she would reform herself and spend the rest of her life trying to make up for what she was apart of. She then turns, and walks away, and everyone sits down. Marlon and Calem then leave the room.

Calem and Marlon sit outside, alone. People are seeming to leave, with Shauna and the two boys being the only ones left. Marlon thanks Calem for his support, and tells him that he understands that Calem loves Lexi just as much as he does. He pats him on the back, before leaving. Shauna slowly walks to Calem and asks him if he’s ready to go. He stands back and turns to Shauna, nodding, before walking away.

Mid-Credits Scene

Lysandre is led into a large steel hall, before a large mask is fitted to his face, and he's placed in a hollow half-circle made of thick steel and stone. His hands and legs are barred in unbreakable chains, and the stone is filled with water. A group of Pokémon heat the steel circle until it sets, unable to be broken. The stone is then dropped into a large tank, that goes way into the ocean.

Post-Credits Scene

Sycamore arrives back at his office and puts his things down, before arriving in his office. A light turns on, and Sycamore looks up. He asks if it worked then, and the chair turns around, revealing Lexi. She says that she was undetected, and then asks Professor Sycamore what he wants her to do next.

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