Xenial Destiny
Pocket Monsters: Xenial Unmei
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Episodes Ongoing
(XD001 - RS093)
Region(s) Kalos, Hoenn
Preceded by The Alexis Saga series


Ruby & Sapphire

Primal Clash

Mega Mastery
Followed by Astral Eclipse series
Opening XYZ
Simple and Clean [Hoenn Remix]
Ending XYZ
Hikari [Hoenn Remix]
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Pokémon: Xenial Destiny (Japanese: ポケットモンスター:ゼニカル運命 Pocket Monsters: Xenial Unmei) is the second series of the spin-off from the Pokémon anime. It began airing on October 9, 2013 worldwide and ended on November 4, 2016.

The series was split into two eras: Xenial Destiny, consisting of XY, Invasion and Conquest and Xenial Destiny II, consisting of Ruby & Sapphire, Primal Clash and Mega Mastery.

See the List of Xenial Destiny episodes for a list of episodes aired this series.

Series Overview

Chapter Title Episodes First episode Last episode
Xenial Destiny
1 XY 47* XY001 Oct 12, 2013 XY046 Mar 19, 2014
2 Invasion 34 XY047 Apr 02, 2014 XY080 Jun 28, 2014
3 Conquest 26 XY081 Jul 09, 2014 XY108 Oct 11, 2014
Xenial Destiny II
4 Ruby & Sapphire 39 RS001 Nov 18, 2014 RS039 Mar 31, 2015
5 Primal Clash 37 RS040 Apr 14, 2015 RS076 Aug 21, 2015
6 Mega Mastery 17 RS077 July 10, 2016 RS093 November 4, 2016

Xenial Destiny


XY sees Lexi begin her adventure in the Kalos region, arriving in Vaniville Town after successfully becoming a Master. She meets four friends: Tierno, a dance enthusiast, Trevor a studious young boy who yearns to fill his Pokédex, Shauna an excitable girl who is curious about the world and unsure of her goals, and Calem, a courageous boy who wants to become a powerful Trainer and future Champion. The latter decided to join Lexi after finding that she can help him improve his flaws. After traveling to Lumiose City they ran into Laverre City Gym Leader Valerie. After an incident with a man in a red suit, she joined the duo to journey to Cyllage City. Lexi took part and successfully beat her first five Gym Leaders: Viola, Grant, Korrina, Ramos and Clemont, and Calem received several of his own. Lexi also began her journey to become the Mega Successor to Korrina.

After the tensions that Calem had felt towards Valerie and more specifically Lexi boiled up after words from several different people, which resulted in him leaving the group. He then turned to Lysandre, who was revealed to the the Leader of Team Flare.


Invasion continues on from the previous chapter in which Calem left the group and joined alliances with Team Flare. Professor Sycamore insisted that Lexi not lose focus and continues her journey and battling the Gym Leaders of Kalos. Through this time, she traveled alongside previously introduced Brigette, while Valerie returned to her Gym. Meanwhile, Lysandre and Team Flare continued to work by going through several deals and heists during the lead-up to their goal. The whole plan came to a head after Lexi and Calem faced off against each other, in which Lysandre announced his position as Leader in Team Flare, and announced his plans to detonate the Ultimate Weapon.

As Kalos came together to defend their world against the large threat, death, betrayal and anger poured through the region in a climactic battle within the Team Flare saga.


Conquest followed the aftermath of the Team Flare battle, seeing the deceased laid to rest. Despite all that went on, Lexi went on to complete her final Gym and take on the Kalos League, in which she became Champion of Kalos.

With her Champion title now owned, Lexi found herself teaming up with Looker, a detective who was working to solve the ongoing crimes filling Lumiose City. Alongside young girl Emma, the trio found themselves embroiled in a plan to create the "ultimate" suit, which would control people into doing the bidding of others.

But even with another threat foiled, Professor Sycamore came to the horrifying realization that everything wasn't as it seemed, and that there was a whole other plan at hand.

Xenial Destiny II

Ruby & Sapphire

Ruby & Sapphire saw Lexi head to Hoenn on her arduous task of collecting the Mega Stones scattered through the region, while also protecting them from any who stands in her way. She also met many new friends - Brendan, a new Trainer whom wishes to beat all the Contests in Hoenn in order to prove his doubting father Norman, wrong. May, the daughter of Professor Birch who desires to become the Champion of Hoenn, by taking on the Gyms of the region, and eventually the Elite Four, all while filling the Pokédex. Also joining them is Flannery, the Lavaridge Town Gym Leader who lost her position, but vowed to regain it by gaining the backing of other Gym Leaders, and Brawly, the Dewford Town Gym Leader who wishes to help Flannery, but also knows of the impending threat about to occur. All together, help each other to gain their respective goals - but with Lexi's secret quest in hand, it's not long until her secret is threatened and the quest in jeopardy as Team Aqua begin to cause havoc in the region.

Primal Clash

Following the partial destruction of Mt. Chimney at the hands of Team Aqua, and Team Magma now out from the shadows, Hoenn's Gym Leaders gather to come up with a plan to stop the impending threat. Meanwhile, Lexi is faced by friends Calem, Marlon and Shauna who are shocked to discover her alive. With this development, Lexi decided that she couldn't waste any more time and focused purely on finding more Mega Stones, with the help of her friends. Meanwhile Brendan and May continue to follow their dreams - May continuing to become a formidable Trainer and Brendan finally gaining heat in Contests. However, Team Magma and Team Aqua continue to heat up their plans, can they be stopped?

Mega Mastery

With Kyogre and Groudon both calmed down, and the threat of Deoxys thwarted by Rayquaza, Lexi and her friends continue their journey in the Hoenn region. With future threats on her mind, Lexi wonders where her future lies as a Trainer, especially when she comes into contact with an unfamiliar Pokémon, Litten. Shauna and Calem begin their training to become Mega Masters, May continues her journey to the Hoenn Pokémon League, Brendan plans for the future past Hoenn and Marlon decides on a change of career path.


Lexi was joined by different Trainers from different backgrounds throughout her journey.

Character XY Invasion Conquest Ruby & Sapphire Primal Clash Mega Mastery

Party changes


Captured Pokémon
Lexi Litleo
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XD002
Calem Froakie
Trainer Calem
Caught in XY001
Lexi Helioptile
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY002
Calem Skiddo
Trainer Calem
Caught in XY006
Lexi Meowstic Twins
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY007
Calem Squirtle
Trainer Calem
Caught in XY008
Lexi Floette
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY017
Lexi Tyrunt
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY020
Calem Amaura
Trainer Calem
Caught in XY020
Lexi Pancham
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY029
Calem Lucario
Trainer Calem
Caught in XY033
Brigette Klefki
Trainer Brigette
Caught in XY052
Lexi Phantump
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY053
Lexi Bergmite
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY057
Lexi Xerneas
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY079
Lexi Noibat
Trainer Lexi
Caught in XY084
Brendan Treecko
Trainer Brendan
Caught in RS002
Brendan Wurmple
Trainer Brendan
Caught in RS003
Lexi Mudkip
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS004
Trainer May
Caught in RS007
Lexi Mawile
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS013
May Aron
Trainer May
Caught in RS014
Lexi Sableye
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS014
May Plusle
Trainer May
Caught in RS024
Brendan Minun
Trainer Brendan
Caught in RS024
Lexi Electrike
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS024
Brendan Skitty
Trainer Brendan
Caught in RS043
Lexi Tropius
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS047
Brendan Feebas
Trainer Brendan
Caught in Unknown
Brendan Zangoose
Trainer Brendan
Caught in Unknown
Lexi Absol
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS052
Lexi Vulpix
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS055
Lexi Sharpedo
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS065
Lexi Chikorita
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS077
Lexi Litten
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS078
Lexi Dragonair
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS081
Lexi Shinx female
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS089
Lexi Latias
Trainer Lexi
Caught in RS091


Traded & Gifted Pokémon
Lexi Amaura
Original Trainer Calem
Given/Traded in XY081
Current Trainer Lexi
Lexi Alakazam
Original Trainer Tierno
Given/Traded in XY081
Current Trainer Lexi
Lexi Scizor
Original Trainer Trevor
Given/Traded in XY081
Current Trainer Lexi
Lexi Chespin
Original Trainer Shauna
Given/Traded in XY098
Current Trainer Lexi
Lexi Ralts
Original Trainer Diantha
Given/Traded in XY100
Current Trainer Lexi
Lexi Charizard
Original Trainer Shauna
Given/Traded in RS077
Current Trainer Lexi


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