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Lorekeeper (Former) / Trainer
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Zinnia (Japanese: ヒガナ Higana) is a Trainer and former Lorekeeper from Hoenn.


Zinnia XD artwork

Zinnia in the Xenial Destiny series.

Zinnia is a mysterious Trainer who travels investigating the many lore's, myths and legends of the world. Wearing a fearless smile, she travels the Hoenn region in pursuit of her goal. Her true identity is shrouded in mystery. Zinnia journeys with Whismur as her companion, nicknamed Aster.

Xenial Destiny

Zinnia's first appearance came after Lexi and Flannery had a choice encounter with a Team Aqua member in Petalburg Woods, where upon leaving, Zinnia was seen contacting Matt telling him that the mission was a no-go, agreeing to continue investingating the mysterious energy, before hanging up and remarking that Lexi had promise as a Trainer. She reappears a second time after Lexi saved Hoenn from Primal Kyogre, hiding in the Space Center when the Scientists are celebrating, seemingly troubled over something, before leaving. Outside, she removes her Team Aqua clothing and remarks to Aster that their isn't much time left, before walking away.

Zinnia then reappears during the events of Apocalypse: Groudon vs. Kyogre, first appearing in Mossdeep City when Lexi and her friends are talking about Team Magma, Groudon and Kyogre with Scientists, Steven and Professor Birch. She interrupts them and tells them that they cannot under any circumstances awaken Rayquaza, telling them they'll only cause more danger if they do. Not listening to her, she is quickly escorted from the premises, but she leaves telling them she won't allow them to go through with their plan.

Throughout the movie, although not explicitly shown, she is revealed to be behind a series of events to try and halt the team from finding Rayquaza, including luring hordes of dangerous Pokémon to slow them down and destroying and blocking the groups path to Sky Pillar, although all of them are thwarted. She reappears proprly as the group arrive outside the entrance to Sky Pillar, where she refuses to move out of their way. After being questioned on why she doesn't want Rayquaza to stop Kyogre and Groudon and save them all and the region, Zinnia pleads that its not yet time and they must all wait. When they continue to refuse, she states she has no other choice than to stop them, unleashing her Pokémon ready to battle. Despite putting up a good fight, she is outnumbered and defeated, before being tied up and taken away by Marlon and Shauna to have her arrested, but not before informing Lexi again she is making a huge mistake.

Zinnia appears then in Apocalypse: Rayquaza vs. Deoxys, escaping captivity when she sees the news about the meteroid, acquiring her Pokémon before leaving without being detected. She then appears in Littleroot Town, where she seeks out Lexi to talk, but when Lexi refuses and sounds the alarm that she's there, Zinnia is left no choice but to run away. Moments later, it's revealed by Brendan, Shauna, Calem and May that she stole their Key Stones. They decide not to go after her, knowing they have bigger problems due to the meteroid.

Her next appearance is when the team are looking for the Meteorite Shard, where she holds it from them. Once again, she tries to talk to Lexi, but when Lexi once more refuses and instead challenges her to a Pokémon battle, Zinnia accepts on the condition that Lexi will listen to her if she wins. Although she wins the battle, Zinnia is unable to speak to Lexi as she is attacked by Calem and Marlon, running away once more.

When Professor Cozmo is explaining to Lexi and her friends about how they plan to use the Meteorite Shard to power Infinity Energy to create a warp hole in the meteors path, Zinnia interrupts them to warn the group that using Infinity Energy means their plan will only repeat past mistakes. She hints as well at a new and greater atrocity that their plan will cause. She expresses disappointment that, with all of human knowledge and technology, they can't come up with a better plan. Lexi tries to get Zinnia to explain more, but she is forced to run away when security is called to get her.

Although she doesn't appear, Zinnia is mentioned by a woman who is a descendant of the ancient Draconid people in Meteor Falls, telling everyone that Zinnia is a Lorekeeper who had inherited the knowledge and power to summon Rayquaza if the world was again threatened, revealing Zinnia's plan was all along to awaken Rayquaza to stop the meteroid but at the right time - leading everyone to discover Zinnia's intentions were good all along.

Despite this, Zinnia appears at the Mossdeep Space Center again and destroys the dimensional shifter that Steven and Professor Cozmo created. The group are dismayed and angered by Zinnia's actions, but Zinnia explains that it would only cause destruction in other dimensions, and that she has another way to protect all worlds, before stealing more Key Stones and leaving, but before doing so, tells Lexi that she'll be heading back to Sky Pillar and that she should meet her there.

Zinnia appears next in Sky Pillar once Lexi travels to the tower alone, doing as Zinnia asked previously. She tells Lexi about the story of the Draconids' history, also revealing that Rayquaza will be able to stop the meteroid if it Mega Evolves. When they arrive atop Sky Pillar however, Zinnia knocks Lexi out, before heading towards the Dragonhark altar, gazing up at the sky. When Lexi next awakes, she sees Zinnia ready to summon and awaken Rayqauaza. Despite offering herself to the altar leading to Rayquaza appearing, Rayquaza is unable to Mega Evolve, leading her to come to the conclusion the previous battle it had with Kyogre and Groudon caused it to lose too much power. In despair, Zinnia begins to cry, before Lexi's Key Stone begins to glow, causing Rayquaza to Mega Evolve. After doing so, Zinnia teaches it a powerful attack, fufilling her final duty as a Lorekeeper. Zinnia then entrusts Lexi with destroying the approaching meteoroid.

When Lexi returns having defeating Deoxys and Rayquaza returns to its slumber in the skies, Zinnia is nowhere to be found, only a note from her is left, thanking Lexi for her help. Zinnia then appears at the closing credits of the film, meeting with the woman at Meteor Falls who tells her she is free from her duty and can now live her life as she wishes.

As Lexi was about to depart Hoenn, Zinnia returned and asked to join her on her next journey, which she accepted.

Astral Eclipse

Zinnia arrives in Alola with Lexi, meeting up with Professor Burnet and her husband Professor Kukui. When first exploring the region, they are attacked by a mysterious Pokémon, in which Zinnia tries to help by attacking it with her Salamence. Throughout the series, she continues to help Lexi discover more about the Ultra Beasts, and helps take down Giovanni and Rainbow Rocket. Following The Massacre of Aether Paradise, Zinnia is one of the only people revealed to be alive, finding herself alone in the ashes of the island.


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